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Hot Water Heater Pilot Light Won’t Light

water heater pilot lightI came across a great website the other day. It had tons of information about water heaters and water heater repairs for your business or home. I recently had a water heater problem and there was no hot water in our home when we woke up in the morning. I found the site to be extremely helpful.

When I went to check our gas water heater I noticed the pilot light was not lit. I decided to try and light it following the instructions that were attached to the tank. After several attempts of trying I knew something wasn’t right. I could smell gas but the pilot light would not light. I tried several times and then started to smell gas so I decided to shut off the main gas supply valve to the water heater and then shut off the water supply valve.

Before I decided to call a plumber to have a look at the water heater I decided to do some research on the Internet and the more I researched the more I found that this job is way over my head and decided to call a plumber to come and have a look at it.

We ended up replacing the tank because it was old and was nearing its life expectancy. Sure it would be nice to get away with fixing only the pilot light but what happens if the tank was leaking because it is old?

Having the new tank installed is one less thing to worry about. Water heaters are not made the same as the past years where they would last 25 years so I think this is money well spent investing in a new one.

Who wants to have your basement flooded and then have to deal with your insurance company and who knows what other problems will happen after that. One thing I know for sure is dealing with insurance companies is a pain in the butt and can take forever.

Some kitchen remodeling ideas for you home

remodelled kitchen with lots of new ideasFоr mаnу families, thе kitchen mіght bе оnе оf thе main rooms оf уоur hоmе. Моrе аnd mоrе families аrе spending time tоgеthеr cooking. Ѕоmе kitchen remodeling ideas соuld help bring уоur kitchen up to date.

With the many home improvement options available today remodeling you kitchen is one of the best return on your investments you can make.

Cooking іs bесоmіng mоrе аnd mоrе popular wіth every member of your home. Моrе аnd mоrе guys аrе enjoying cooking thеsе days thаn еvеr bеfоrе. Іn thе раst, І thіnk wе аll grew uр wіth thе thought thаt cooking wаs fоr women аnd іt wаs а sissy thing fоr men tо dо.

Wе’vе соmе а long wау, аnd mоrе аnd mоrе men аrе еіthеr helping wіth thе cooking оr mау еvеn bе thе main cooks. Тhеsе kitchen remodeling ideas mау bе оf good usе tо уоu іf уоu love tо spend time іn уоur kitchen.

There аrе mаnу ideas аvаіlаblе, but оnе оf thеm уоu mау consider іs, tо add аn island іn thе center оf уоur kitchen іf уоu hаvе thе space. Оnе оf thе frustrations оf mаnу good cooks, іs tо nоt hаvе еnоugh space. Yоu mау bе short counter space іn whісh tо roll оut dough оr fоr cutting purposes. Маnу center islands hаvе а sink installed fоr easy clean uр.

Тhеrе mау bе а bar оn thе opposite side оf thе island іn whісh sоmе counter chairs соuld bе used, аnd allow fоr mоrе eating space. Іt wоuld аlsо allow аnу оthеr family members а place tо watch frоm, аnd spend time tоgеthеr. Іf уоu аrе family oriented, mаkе surе уоu incorporate ways thе family соuld work tоgеthеr іn уоur kitchen remodeling ideas.

Make уоur kitchen remodeling ideas fun. Іf уоu decide tо change thе paint оn thе walls аnd оr nеw flooring, gеt thе whоlе family involved. Тhеrе аrе mаnу choices tо choose frоm іn bоth areas. Yоu саn gеt paints іn аnу color уоu sо choose, wіth borders tо match іf уоu lіkе.

Depending оn whеthеr уоu choose carpeting оr flooring fоr оnе оf уоur kitchen remodeling ideas, thеrе аrе sо mаnу choices, thаt gеttіng family opinions саn bе vеrу helpful. Іt саn bе vеrу overwhelming tо hаvе tо mаkе аll thе choices уоursеlf. Іf уоu plan оn spending а lot оf time іn уоur kitchen, mаkе surе уоur kitchen remodeling ideas mаkе thе room inviting аnd comfortable.

There аrе mаnу kitchen remodeling ideas concerning уоur cupboards tоо. Тhеrе аrе mаnу uр tо dаtе ideas оn convenient pull оut drawers thаt allow уоu tо sее whаt іs іn thе cupboard wіthоut hаvіng tо bend dоwn tо lооk inside.

Тhеrе аrе swivel cupboards thаt hаvе а lazy Susan аnd аll уоu hаvе tо dо іs spin іt tо sее whаt уоu hаvе іn thе cupboard. Оthеr kitchen remodeling ideas mіght include cupboards thаt hаvе sections іn thеm fоr сеrtаіn lids оr bakeware.

Тhеу hаvе јust аbоut аnуthіng уоu саn thіnk оf, аnd things уоu nеvеr thought оf аvаіlаblе, sо аll уоu hаvе tо dо іs explore а hоmе improvement store tо gеt sоmе kitchen remodeling ideas.

Renovating your bathroom with ecofriendly toilets

bathroom-with-eco-friendly-toiletHome improvement stores will push expensive yet low maintenance porcelain toilets that contain the same boring composition: a means for water to catch your ‘business’, a means for that watery waste to be whisked away, and yet another means for fresh water to enter your bowl for the next use. Perhaps now is time to take your ecofriendly goals seriously and renovate your bathroom with composting toilets.

The groovy thing about composting (or ecofriendly) toilets is the fact they use natural processes to turn human waste into a valuable soil improvement. Here’s the scoop on these toilets:

Savings are tremendous

When one hears the words “compost toilet”, there’s a strong chance you’ll instantly start imagining some sort of terrifying box stuck in the middle of the Canadian Rockies for humans to relieve themselves. For environmentalists and green home owners, all they hear is savings. Lots of it.

There are variety of tricks and techniques you can use to ensure that your house is truly an ecofriendly yet stunning dwelling, starting with the head. Many Montreal condos today include these composting toilets because they are literally much easier on your wallet and the city environment. In fact, many countries outside North America have been implementing these toilets for decades, gaining the benefits of stink-free bathrooms.

These toilets are responsible for performing three simultaneous functions, which for some manufacturers has proven difficult: compost all tissue and bodily waste quickly and without odor, reduce the waste to an easily transportable ecofriendly product, and evaporate the liquid portion of the waste. It’s nearly all done simultaneously, meaning a cleaner environment for us and less hassle for you. You will literally watch your water bill drop.

A worthy investmenteco friendly toilet

Depending how elaborate the unit is, you may spend between 400-2000CAN on these composting toilets. Considering the number of gallons egregiously flushed away in conventional toilets, this investment should be seen as paying your future ‘forward’. Some systems inactivate human pathogens much more effectively than others, which means the level of foul odor is reduced to none. In fact, reaping the benefits of composting toilets is nearly instantaneous when choosing ecofriendly waste removal units.

Regardless of the decorative style, any bathroom can look flat, lifeless and even clinical if care isn’t taken to add something more ecofriendly to the renovation plans. Home interiors should be inviting and interesting spaces, but it is all too easy to end up with something that resembles a doctor’s waiting room or the office, especially if the means for controlling human waste isn’t forward thinking.

Think about it

Ecofriendly waste composting systems are the best way to minimalize your impact on local sewer and water systems. The costs involved with installing a composting toilet are dramatically lower than paying for ridiculous sewer line repairs, frequent upticks in sewage removal rates or even calling the plumber. The units tend to be easier to maintain, keep our Earth’s ecosystem enriched and help keep your newly remodeled bathroom free of dizzying odors.

When shopping, you may even notice that during your quest for staying truly ecofriendly, many of these units are made with recycled materials. Can you say ‘double bonus’?


Make over your home with outdoor lighting options

Once you start checking out outdoor lighting possibilities; you will be surprised at some of the concepts. It is hard to say which one is the most powerful when you think about the unusual effects you can create. There is a wide range of ways to facilitate the lights. There is nothing stopping you from changing it any time you want. By arranging the lighting in certain ways; you have the ability to produce an atmosphere. It won’t take long for you to understand all the different kinds that are available.

There are many different handy facets to outdoor lighting and one is that you can fashion some really lovely lighting designs that won’t even drain your pocketbook. Your imagination plays a huge role in the selections you will have. One great example is to make hanging lanterns, and the color selections are enough to satisfy just about anyone. You can buy these types of outdoor hanging lanterns that are solar powered. Or, you can craft them and affix your own solar operated light fixtures inside them. You just have to figure them out even though they are pretty easy to understand. Craft as many as you would like and then hang them up any place you like.

Paper construction lanterns of the hanging type will offer a simple way to give your landscaping a different look. You will not see these much perhaps because people don’t think about doing it. These kinds of lanterns can be found on various websites and they cost very little. You should pay attention to the weather because you don’t want to leave these out in the rain. What’s more, paper lanterns are a great option for spring, summer and fall time. If you have a gazebo on your property, you can set a bunch of them in there and take pleasure in a relaxing evening with your friends. Don’t forget to get several different color schemes for the different settings and moods.

If you want to go for an enjoyable, remarkable and unique approach to your outdoor lighting, then keep your eye out for lighting motifs inspired from different cultures. You will be amazed at the wide array that you will come across, plus some of the designs are one-of-a-kind. There are lights that are even designed with indigenous designs from your country, for example here in the States. Increasing your search to include far-reaching powers like Asian, for instance, will bring a larger assortment. These lighting motifs can be utilized for special junctures, like summer barbeques and other gatherings. And they will add a highly unique appearance to any landscaping situation.

You can actually overdue your outdoor lighting in a number of ways. First of all is is fun and will definitely make your home more attractive, at night. Don’t get addicted to having too many things because it is so much fun. You’ll figure out what you can do, if you can go about this gradually. Your urge to get it done will always be there.

This write-up talks about outdoor lighting possibilities to transform your house. If you would want some additional home enhancement additional info make sure to go to RemodelingHO.

8 eco friendly house renovating things to think over

Even though they were once thought about eccentric or extreme, eco-friendly living areas are becoming the standard. Being green has ended up being effortless, which implies you do not have to strain your money or sense of design. The following are a few of the eco friendly house remodeling items you can use:

1. Composite materials.

Make use of composite products if you are constructing a deck as part of your home renovating. Made from a combination of wood wastage and recycled plastic, composite decking delivers exceptional sturdiness, dimensional stability and durability. In addition, unlike wood, it will not buckle, crack, splinter or rot.

2. Paper-based counter tops.

A great option to stone and plastic surfaces, paper-based counter tops are made from strictly managed sustainable forests. They come in a range of colors and are typically stain-resistant, heat-resistant and scratch-resistant.

3. Bamboo plywood.

Preferably, any material utilized in the bathroom needs to hold up well in a moist climate. Bamboo, an environmentally friendly wood, grows fast and reaches maturation within four years. An adhesive that is low-VOC (volatile organic compound) is used to laminate the plywood together.

4. Natural linoleum.
If you are going for a retro-style kitchen, natural linoleum is the perfect choice for flooring. Made from different kinds of raw products, including linseed oil, wood flour and resins, it has actually been popular for over a century. Natural linoleum has bactericidal properties that stop microbes from growing and is in addition simple to clean, which is why it is commonly made use of in medical facilities.

5. High-performance windows.

Never ever miss a chance to minimize utility costs. High performance windows, specifically those with low-emissivity glazing, are excellent for saving money on cooling and heating expenses.

6. Water-saving appliances.

If you are getting a brand-new toilet, make sure it only makes use of 1.6 gallons of water per flush or less. You might also incorporate energy star-rated dishwashers or front-loading appliances, which also reduce water. In contrast to other models, water-saving devices can save you countless gallons of water every year when used in your eco-friendly home remodeling products.

7. Tank-less water heaters.

Maintaining water hot in a standing tank throughout the day burns up a lot of energy. Rather, go with the more compact tank-less water heaters that connect to your domestic plumbing system and heat water as it runs through a heat exchanger. This will help cut expenses as you only pay to heat water when you want it.

8. Photovoltaic panels.

Generating your own power from the sun making use of photovoltaic panels will generate you tax credits and utility company rebates that could help yield a 5-year payback. Today, there are online references that can help you measure the potential costs and cost savings of getting a solar home power system based upon your place, electrical expense and system size.

With a little effort, you can now take the required actions to incorporate environmentally friendly home renovating items that will benefit both the planet and your wellness. What’s even more, a well-planned green renovation could also save you a substantial quantity of money now and down the road.

Four important aspects you need to think about just before remodeling your home

Lots of people are unable to move to their dream home due to money restrictions, but you have the option to renovating your present house to fit your description of a dream home. However, to stay clear of turning your dream into a problem, keep the following pointers in mind when preparing your remodeling job:

1. Find out from others.

You can get a great deal of inspiration and tips to help you avoid pitfalls by merely following the experiences of other home-owners. Luckily, you do not need to go knocking on strangers’ doors to get these details. A number of website or blogs offer online chronicles of home renovation projects that consist of message boards, chat rooms and reply forms that you might make use of to ask any questions you may have and get quick feedback.

2. Get ready for troubles.

While you might definitely perform a small remodeling job by yourself, it is advisable to look for a professional organization to work with, particularly for a larger remodel. Big jobs are generally more vulnerable to frustrations such as equipment malfunctions, delays, miscommunications and supply shortages.

Even when working with a professional company, it’s unlikely that everything will go seamlessly. However, drawing up a couple of friendly rules for workers will go a long way in making the procedure less even enjoyable and demanding. In addition, do not begin remodeling without a written agreement that describes exactly what will be done and how long it will take.

3. Match materials to your neighborhood.

Every beneficial remodeling project need to enhance your home’s value in the most affordable method. Look around at the products commonly utilized for construction in your area so you can select products that are not too high-end or too low-end in comparison.

Low-end finishes will likely reduce your house’s value if you live in a high-end community. On the other hand, using high-end finishes in a lower-priced area may appear to drive your sale price up, but it won’t go much higher than the last price. As such, you should strike the most ideal balance so the extra value of your house is not decreased by the cost of the products.

4. Make the most of exactly what’s available.

For a great deal of men and women, adding brand-new rooms and boosting spaces is a necessary part of any house improvement job. Nevertheless, you most likely have areas that are not made use of often or storage places you can turn into useable areas.

For instance, if you have an eat-in kitchen, you can turn your dining room into a workplace or home work area without losing its dinner-party capabilities by adding to cupboards and getting fitted pads for the tabletop. The guest room might also be used for daily requirements by replacing the extra bed with a respectable blow-up mattress and including furniture.

There’s a lot that goes into any renovating job. Detailed planning is a essential and necessary stage of the process that will make the entire project a lot more enjoyable. In addition, an excellent plan will help you prevent a great deal of expensive mistakes and guarantee you get value for your money.

6 essential things to consider in a home remodeling building contractor

When planning your home remodeling work, finding the right contractor can create a great deal of distress and anxiety. You need to deal with an expert that is highly regarded, very affordable and professional. While there are no assurances, doing your homework will enhance your chances of getting a home renovating contractor you are delighted with.

1. Request for referrals from those you believe in

Lots of home improvement and restoration professionals advertise their services online, in magazines and newspapers, in the yellow pages along with on television and radio. This is not an indication of the building contractor’s work quality. Instead, get referrals from your acquaintances, next-door neighbors and co-workers that have had some remodeling work performed in their residence.

2. Make sure the contractor is well established

It is often crucial to have a job interview with each potential provider prior to you award the undertaking to the one you think is the most ideal for the work.

Discover how long the business or specialist has been around, and contact consumer protection authorities for unresolved consumer problems. You can also check the service provider’s track record online by searching for the business’s name with words like “complaint”, “scam” or “rip-off”.

3. Guarantee the professional is licensed

Specialists are required to be licensed or bonded in lots of states. Take the time to get in touch with you regional building department or consumer security agency and discover exactly what the licensing prerequisites are. This can range from basic registration to a comprehensive certification procedure; guarantee the contractor you pick is correctly certified.

4. Request references

Find out exactly how numerous works comparable to yours that the specialist has actually completed in the last few years. In addition, any skilled home renovating licensed contractor should have names, addresses and phone numbers of customers for whom he has finished such jobs. Call them up and ask how long ago the works were and whether or not you can see them. You can additionally visit other jobs in progress that the builder is dealing with.

5. Ask about subcontractors

You need to fulfill each of them and guarantee they are certified and have recent insurance coverage if the contractor will be using subcontractors on your project. In addition, ask your building contractor and each subcontractor or supplier for a lien waiver or lien release so you are not held responsible for payments in case the building contractor fails to pay the subcontractors.

6. Ask about insurance coverage

Find out what kinds of insurance coverage the home renovating service provider brings; these must consist of personal liability, worker’s compensation and property damage coverage. The contractor needs to provide you with copies of insurance certifications so you can make sure they’re current. Avoid providers without the proper insurance as you might be held responsible for any damages or injuries that happen throughout the job.

Your home is most likely one of your most important monetary possession, which is why you need to take care when hiring someone to renovate it. Asking the right inquiries ahead of time you settle on a home remodeling professional is the initial step to a effective and rewarding home renovating work.

When remodeling your home, six locations you should concentrate on

Remodeling your home will make you fall in love with all of it over once again. It is also very affordable, particularly when you stay in a fantastic neighborhood and do not wish to uproot your household, or if you plan to sell it. The following pointers will turn your renovating task into an investment in the effectiveness and worth of your home:

1. Remodel the kitchen.

The kitchen area is the heart of the house, and updates in the room will more than likely pay off. Nonetheless, be cautious not to make your kitchen fancier than the rest of the neighborhood. If you intend to offer your home within the next 5 years, keep prospective buyers in mind prior to you begin on the task.

2. Bathroom additions.

If you only have one restroom, adding another one will absolutely lead to a recoup of a big portion of your financial investment. You can find space for a second bathroom by taking advantage of underutilized areas or from extra rooms.

3. Reinvent existing space.

Including more square footage to your house by building a brand-new room can be extremely expensive. It can even cost you double exactly what you thought you would invest when you or your professional encounter unforeseen troubles.

You can conserve a great deal of money by transforming the existing space on your house. For instance, you can complete the basement or transform the attic to a room. Residents are also making studio apartments in or over their garages and renting them out as spaces.

4. Include a deck.

Considering that even more individuals stay at home for their trips, outdoor living areas have actually become increasingly popular. Making the deck and yard more appealing will make your whole residence more enticing to you, your visitors and prospective purchasers need to you choose to sell.

Fortunately, you can save a huge portion of the cost by doing the work yourself. However, do not presume that deck building is simple. If you have no other use for the special tools needed, that can be pricey.

5. Buy energy effectiveness.

More buyers are looking for homes with energy efficiency as a priority. Typical cooling and heating expenses might minimize by up to 500 dollars every year when a house is more energy efficient. On the other hand, homes without energy efficiency typically cost even more to reside in and keep.

You can recover up to 90 percent of your costs when you invest in energy-efficient windows. In addition, adding additional insulation to your attic could save you hundreds every year on energy expenses and make your home more enticing to prospective purchasers.

6. Routine updates.

Paying focus to fundamental updates such as keeping the paint fresh, fixing a leaking roof, replacing decaying wood and eliminating mold adds the most value to your house. Buyers desire a healthy safe house and will watch for signs of routine maintenance.

Concentrate on small tasks that will make your home attractive to budget-minded buyers if you are preparing to renovate your home. Today, an energy efficient house that has actually undergone smaller upgrades to enhance its comfort and character will get even more buyers than a luxury-focused home.